Rippers Resurrected!

Killer Crocs, Belgians, and Blimps, Oh My!

The group make their way down to Africa via Steam boat. Upon arrival Sawyer reaches out to his old war buddy Reginald Dobottom. Dobottom, although a drunk after his wife died, picked up the pieces of his life, and became a test pilot for this new fangled contraption called a Dirigible. He offers to give the team a ride to cover the 600 plus miles of jungle, in a couple days instead of a couple of weeks!

The travel goes well, until Dobottom passes out from drinking, Heinrich is puking over the side, and a storm starts tossing the blimp around. Sawyer takes the rudder, while McCree shoves in coal…..but instead tosses in the Shovel! Quickly recovering McCree uses his hands to toss in the coal, and Sawyer manages to pilot the Blimp successfully until the storm passes.

The group rappels down the ship to the village to find out about the Croc, and Dobottom says he will be back in a week to pick the group up.

The team find the Belgians coming to take revenge against the local tribes stating that they don't believe in the croc and that the locals murdered their soldiers. With some excellent smoothtalking, Heinrich not only calms the Belgians down, he manages to recruit a small group of them to come with the rippers as they investigate the Killer Crocs!

The team head out to the lake, and decide to create some bait with goats covered in a berry juice tranqulizer! As the group setup their plan, Sawyer dives into the water using his gills to head down to the lake to find the killer croc. While no giant croc was found, he did manage to stir up the hornets nest! Having a group of regular ol' crocs come after him! The race was on and Sawyer barely managed to get out of the lake with only a couple bites. Weaponless Sawyer uses his wits and skill and jumps on the back of one of the crocs and starts to wrestle the beast! McCree gets a chunk of his leg bit off as he goes down but manages to empty his pistol in it's head finishing it off! Heinrich manages to have his troops kill another croc with rifles, and then it happens!

Errupting from the water, the GIANT killer croc comes out and attacks! Sawyer freshly killing the smaller crock, tries the same trick leaping on the back of the giant croc and attempting to ride it home! He isn't so lucky this time getting thrown off and landing near the goats. In a last ditch effort Sawyer tries to shove one of the goats in the beasts mouth! While successful, he didnt manage to get his arm out in time, and with a loud SNAP, Sawyer loses his right arm!!!! Bleeding out and in pain, Sawyer makes a call. He lights the TNT he has and jumps into the beasts mouth!!!!!

BOOM! the explosion rips the insides of the croc to shreads killing it instantly! The good Dr goes berserk and clocks one of the soldiers until they restrain him to calm down. John, and the rest of the soldiers manage to take out the rest of the crocs…

Sawyer's remains in the croc trigger the madness of the Dr! He quickly demands the Shaman to start a rain dance, demanding lightning! ANd with that he takes a page from former ripper Dr Frankenstien and begins putting Sawyer back together again! Using the Arm from a fallin Tribesman and the hide from the giant killer Croc, the good Dr manages to shove the life back into Sawyer….while still alive, the young man has changed…..for the better? We don't know yet!


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