Rippers Resurrected!

The Headless Horseman

While still at The Docks with Arthur Harmsworth in tow, the group decide to figure out why someone would want to capture the professor. Being at the docks, one can only assume that they were planning on taking the professor out of the country! Since the group did manage to slay a shadow creature, the dock manager had no issue showing the group the shipping manifests for the evening. This pointed to a ship leaving in 30 minutes to Cairo. The group decides it would be best examine the ship for themselves.

As they approach the ship, they find that the docking ramp is being pulled away for departure by a couple of deck hands. John McRee persuades them to reconnect the docking ramp and walk away for 1/2 a quid each. With that the group marches up to the deck of the ship to be confronted by the Captain. He asks what the group is doing there. They explain that they were instructed to bring the professor on board as he was supposed to depart with the ship. The Captain explains that this is a cargo ship and does not handle passengers, then motions the group onto the bridge. With some successful banter, the group finds out that the owner of the ship fudges the logs with illegible entries from time to time, and these shipments always go the Cairo. Each fudge is a crate usually 6 ft x 4ft x 4ft. Sawyer getting bored with all this talk of ledgers and investigation ( and feeling a little woozy due to coming down off the opium high he had been on) steps out on to the deck. Looking out at the wreckage of the carriage he notices a shattered crate that would have had the dimensions the captain spoke of! After making this discovery, the severity of his wounds and the opium crash take there toll and Sawyer sags against the railing. With a man down the group take the professor home, and decide to crash at the lodge for the night so they can keep an eye on Sawyer.

The next morning Mina Harker stops by and asks the team to head to Ireland to help a former Ripper Colleen Moran with a monster sighting. They are scheduled to leave in 2 hours. With that the group gear up, and Dr. Heinrich Jagermeister stops by the Library to speak with Wilfred about monsters of Irish lore, as well as if he could find out more about the ship's owner from the night before. Wilfred agrees to track down the information and provides Heinrich with a few books on Irish lore to review for insight.

The group then travels to Ireland by ship, taking the time to rest and recover from the previous nights escapades. Upon arrival at the dock town, it is too late to travel to Colleen's Estate so the group heads to the local pub to gather some information, and a drink or two… They hear tales of a pale horse and the rider death roaming the local roads, some claim it is a banshee coming to claim those about to die, others claim they saw a demonic coach with glowing horses. All seem generally frightened by the whole ordeal, and no one wishes to travel at night alone. With that the local postman is more than happy to take the Rippers to Colleen's Estate in the morning. Figuring it would be better to travel in numbers while the sun is still set. After that the group retires for the night at the local inn. Only Heinrich stays up a little longer to research the books he got from Wilfred.

The next morning brings much needed rest to the rippers. Sawyer being the young buck he is, recovers completely and feels like a new man after Heinrich brings him a strong cup of Irish Coffee. They meet with the postman and he takes them to Colleen's estate. The group meet Randal, Caitlynn, and Claire, Colleen's nieces and nephew. Randal seems nervous but relieved when answering the door, the group attributes it to the creature lurking the roads. Sawyer tries to cozy up to Claire, but the girl obviously wants nothing to do with the American. The group is introduced to Colleen, who is very old and sick. Heinrich looks over her wounds and medicine and finds that the medicine has a strange smell to it. Trying to be sly ( but failing miserably ) Heinrich swipes and arm and sends the medicine crashing to the floor shattering the bottle. During this time Colleen is explaining that the creature is most likely a Banshee, and that they come to escort the dying to the afterlife. John opens his big mouth and says "well I reckon it's here for you then, being sick an all". With that Colleen reprimands him for his tactlessness and throws him out of her home, saying he is no longer welcome. John is learning that proper etiquette is important when dealing with the Euro's it seems. Randal and the girls come in after hearing the crash and Randal is noticeably upset, and frustrated states he must go to town to get more medicine. The rippers offer to get the medicine for him, and he shuts them down saying no he must do it. Colleen asks him to escort John out of the house. The girls get some cleaning supplies and clean up the mess, but not before Heinrich gets a sample for testing.

Outside Randal continues to belittle John for being a pathetic american and storms off to the Livery to get a horse. John lets him go, but then grabs his own horse, saddles up and rides after him. The chase is on! John rides up next to Randal and takes a swing at him with his trusty sap but misses. Randal rides away like a coward and veers his horse off the road and through the trees. John quickly follows suit and rides off the trail…..and close-lines himself on a very large tree branch! The impact was hard throwing the man from his horse, breaking a few ribs, his nose, and covering him in a layer of bumps and bruises!

Meanwhile back at the Estate! Heinrich does some tests and explains to Colleen that she is being poisoned, and while he can't completely point the finger at Randal, he seems the most likely culprit. At the same time while the girls are preparing lunch, Sawyer sneaks up and listens through the door. The girls are talking about the men that keep stopping by for Randal, and that they scare the girls. Sawyer then comes in offering to help. Being snubbed by Claire, Sawyer turns his attention to Caitlynn, where he gets a better response. After chit chatting a bit, he finds out that Randal has quite a bit of debt and some men have been coming by every day after lunch during Colleen's nap. These men scare the girls. Sawyer vows to protect them, and they have nothing to worry about!

After lunch Heinrich tests the rest of the medicine and finds that all of it is tainted. However what he didn't see was Sawyer palm the opium on the table. It seems that first taste wasn't quite enough for the young ripper! Now the question is… the opium poisoned like the rest of the medicine?

About this time John gets himself picked back up, and starts limping back to the Estate….

….There is a knock at the door, and the girls are immediately upset. Sawyer calms them down and pulls the hammers back on his pistols, leaving one holstered and slipping the other in his pocket trying to conceal them to the men as he opens the door. Sawyer opens the door to 5 gruff looking men in bowler hats, but unfortunately sawyer catches his coat on the door handle, exposing his guns to the men! The thugs quickly draw their weapons and fire at Sawyer, while not quite hitting him they force him to take cover behind the door as splinters fly! The men quickly retreat back around the corner of the building for some measure of cover. The girls run off and lock themselves in the kitchen, while Heinrich draws his derringer and fires a shot at one of the retreating men clipping him as he falls back. Sawyer pulls his smokewagons and rushes into the courtyard with thugs on either side of him, drawing his guns on either side of him, he fires taking one thug out while forcing the other against the wall of the building but missing. The thugs in response try and gun down Sawyer but the young man is quick on his feet, and only ends up taking a shot in his right arm. But hey Rippers are made of sterner stuff! Rolling with the shot Sawyer brings his guns to bear on the two men on his right, but the shot to his arm causes him to lose his grip on one of his pistols and it sails through the window of the estate! His other pistol rings while not killing the man manages to put a bullet in his leg! Heinrich already working on a sneaky plan by coming through the window at the men find a gift from heaven as Sawyers pistol crashes through the window at his feet! Heinrich picks up the revolver and sends rounds hailing out of the window dropping the two thugs in his line of fire!

At this point a broken John comes stumbling back to the Estate to find his friends bushwhacked! He quickly draws Virginia and adds to the fight! Being outnumbered the remaining Thugs make a break for it. However this only seems to do 1 thing….send Heinrich into a blind rage! Throwing the pistol down, the enraged Dr leaps out the window charges after the thugs and manages to catch the slowest one at the end of the drive. Maddened the Dr tackles the thug and proceeds to smash his head into the cobblestone! Moments later nothing but a gooey mess remains where his head used to be! The final thug manages to avoid shots from John, but down the road he stops dead in his tracks ( hehe see what I did there!) Standing before him on a giant glowing steed, was the Headless Horseman! Carrying a skull with glowing red eyes in his left hand, and a large whip made of bone, the Horseman's whip lashes out around the thugs neck, and flings him into the nearest tree snapping the thugs neck in the process. The horseman then raises his left hand as the skull surveys the seen, and in a bellowing voice shouts…"John McRee your time has come! I pronounce Doom Upon Thee!"

(And that is where we stopped for the Night!)


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