Rippers Resurrected!

The Vanishing Professor

The evening started off quiet. Enjoying a nice dinner with Arthur Harmsworth at the University of London. The talk was polite and civil, short of John McRee deciding it best to talk about his love for "Virginia" his trusty sidearm, while placing her lovingly on the table! Suddenly there was a crash in the back room, and Arthur jumps up to investigate worried that something was damaged in the Egyptian Galleries. The Rippers jump up to help noticing an eerie darkness that even Sawyer can't seem to see through with his RipperTech. The professor screams out as he is grabbed and Sawyer rushes forward to to help..Bushwhacked Sawyer is beaten by a group of thugs with saps and he drops to a knee. John draws Virginia and proceeds to fan the hammer dropping two of the thugs turning Sawyer into a human pinata! Meanwhile Dr. Heinrich Jagermeister heads back to the table to grab a candelabra, but unfortunately knocks it over setting the table on fire, amplified by the copious amounts of whisky on the table! This distraction gives two more thugs time to take Arthur out the back door….

Heinrich douses the flames, grabs the candelabra and heads back to the room to join his friends. John takes out the remaining thug on Sawyer and the group race to the back door to find the professor gone! The weird darkness that flooded the room dissipates and the group search for some clues… All of the thugs are carrying opium bearing the symbol of a "yellow lotus". James being a bit of a gambler had actually played some cards there in the past and is aware the Yellow Lotus is a gambling den in the Chinatown district of London.

Heinrich does his best to fix up Sawyer but he is still pretty beat up. So to bypass the pain, Sawyer decides to take the opium to shrug off the pain! From there the group heads to the Yellow Lotus and John helps get the group in. They do some gambling while checking out the scene and see that groups of people are heading down a dark hallway to a back room. The group make there way to the hallway and talk there way to the opium den! They get themselves a private booth and scope the scene. There are a bunch of large guards and some servants running opium to the booths. The group is confident that Arthur is here, so they try to search the booths. The guards intervene and combat goes wild while the thugs take Arthur out the back door…again! John and Sawyer do well taking out the guards, while Heinrich rushes to the back of the den and draws his cane sword and attempts to intimidate the guard into letting them pass. He succeeds and is just about the call his friends over…when the years of Heinrich testing potions he created from the juices of monsters on himself took their toll! His eyes turn green and his face becomes manic! He proceeds to slice the guard to shreds snicker snack. The combat is over quickly as the group make their way out the back door and find a carriage racing away! The group interrogate the Opium den madam and she tells the group they were heading to The Docks!

The group makes there way to the docks to find the carriage over on it's side with a creature made of pure shadow crouched on top of it. Bodies of the thugs lie strewn across the docks in various pieces! The group attempts to combat the creature and quickly find out the weapons of mortal man, that of lead and steel pose no threat to a creature of shadow! However ingenuity prevails as the group realizes that LIGHT is the answer, and find a box full of fireworks! Lighting up the shadow creature like the 4th of July!

After the beast was defeated the Rippers find Arthur in the luggage chest drugged and unaware why he was taken!


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