Rippers Resurrected!

The Bankes Afair

Recruiting the Shaman after helping bring back Sawyer, the group are sent to the estate of Sir William Bankes. Besides being a noble, Bankes is an amateur Archaeologist, and has a retreat at his home for some guests. The Rippers arrive and intend to spend the weekend convincing him to join their cause!

Soon after arriving they talk with Bankes who is interested but needs the weekend to think about it.

Things turn bad however when a guest is found murdered! The group quickly begin to investigate, Sawyer starts questioning witnesses, while Heinrich searches for clues! McCree and Jeaque  follow after Enrico who left furious right before the murder.


Long story short, the group find that Enrico while a dick, is not the murderer, but it is in fact Jonathan Jellicoe!  The group wrap up the investigation and have Jellicoe takin to jail.  But that night the estate is attacked!  It looks like some evil cultists are after Bankes!  The group foils the kidnapping plot but then hears a huge explosion!  They head to the balcony to see the Obelisk that was in the hedge maze destroyed!


JoeGun JoeGun

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